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The Southend team combines of best people from the industry. We have experienced team from DELL, HP and other leading computer giants. The team collectively has more than seven to eight years of experience in customer service and PC maintenance. With a fleet of skilled and dexterous technicians, we remotely offer computer repair services to our clients. Through their excellent service, our experienced team confirms that they have got that skill necessary for the successful administration and resolution of the various problems faced by PC users all over the world. Our customers always prefer to stay with an unbeaten combination of quality and quantity, which they get from our team. We offer a computer support experience unlike any other in the industry. You want your computers and your home network to work without a hitch, but they sometimes don’t. So you try to get decent tech support, but it’s always a challenge – long wait times, tech jargon you don’t understand; buck-passing between manufacturers, and costly onsite service. All that’s in the past. Welcome to Southend Pc Solution - your 24x6 personal tech advisor. We provide total tech support for PC & connected devices. We help you with installation, configuration, customization, troubleshooting, upgradation, connectivity issues and basic feature support. We’re the only ones you need to call, because we handle them all! We don’t just resolve problems; we help you prevent them with good advice. In a nutshell, we make IT work for you. With the growing dependency on our PC, an average user needs to access technical support at-least six times in a year. With connect times less than a minute Southend pc solution's offers instant support whenever you need it, in the convenience of your home instantly. Southend Pc Solution’s Microsoft Certified Technicians are on stand-by to help you anytime of the day. We provide computer repair, tech support to you irrespective of the make of your computer using windows operating system. Still pondering why Southend Pc Solution? Resolution focus: We own your problem till it is resolved – even if it involves multiple interactions. We also simulate your problem in our lab, escalate to our subject matter experts and interact with OEMs if required to resolve your problems. Quick: No more long waits. High touch customer experience-speak to a specialist within 60 seconds

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